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We make our clients situations and challenges our personal responsibility. This responsibility doesn't end at 5pm and begin again the next morning... It ends when our client gets exactly what they want.

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John Bryson

Founder, Broker

Jamie Fendall

Founder, Broker, Property Management


If you ~don't~ want a real estate agent who pushes you into every home available, and if you ~don't~ want a real estate agent who agrees with everything you say just to make a quick buck, John Bryson is the agent for you.

– Jackson & Raisa F.

I'm 100% convinced that John is the greatest real estate agent to ever exist! He helped us get the first house we ever bid on as homebuying newbies!

– Alisa M.

To say John helped my wife and I buy our first home earlier this year would be a massive understatement. My wife and I took the first time homebuyer class with John in early 2020...

– Josh T.
Case Studies

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to filter and choose a real estate agent, you find yourself working with someone who just isn’t cutting it and end up in a situation where you would rather work with someone else. You shouldn’t feel bad about this and trust me, it’s not your fault. No matter how many...

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